Every parent or guardian of a student attending NWSS is part of the NWSS Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  A robust and active PAC happens when parents like you join in.  

By being active in the school community you have a voice in making positive changes to enhance your child's educational experience.  It is an opportunity to share ideas and explore topics regarding the programs and general operations of NWSS.  

You will be “in the know” about what is happening in our school and have the opportunity to build relationships with other parents like you.

The PAC has been working on updating the current constitution.  The NWSS PAC will be presenting a motion at the next PAC Zoom meeting on Thursday, April 01st, 2021 7:00pm to amend our current Constitution with updates 

Please find the links below to the proposed amendments: 

NWSS Bylaws and Constitution Final Draft for adoption

NWSS Bylaws and Constitution Final Feb 2021 changes 

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